Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lucrative Careers in a Bad Economy

In this fast waning economy, jobs are few and far between. Few job industries have shown no growth whatsoever in the last decade. This is in spite of people getting transferred, retiring or quitting. This makes choosing the right career vital to employability in the future along with getting paid handsomely. So which jobs pay the most money in America today? This is not the easiest question to answer. Instead of looking at specific jobs, this list will focus on specific fields that feature the best jobs.

Medicine: This field is never going to go out of style, that's for sure. Nurses are always high in demand and make upwards of $85,000 a year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a projected 27% increase is anticipated in the future. Especially with the baby boomers retiring, the need for good health care professionals can only increase. The changing demographics are always indicative of the fields with the most job growth. This sent me on a path to seeking online colleges for nursing to join one of several accredited online nursing programs

Technology: Information technology has had a meteoric rise in the last two decades. This makes software architects and systems engineers, a highly employable group. Median salaries of this sector range in the $90,000 bracket. Their job growth potential is projected to be over 34%. Even an entry-level software engineer will make upwards of $60,000.

Money management services: If you're good with numbers there is no other place to be. Certified public accountants or CPAs are increasing in demand with companies getting rid of pension plans. Accountants are able to help employees with planning for retirement. The median salary for a financial advisor is over $100,000.

Teaching profession: A side effect of a poor economy is people heading back to school. This drift is accompanied by an increase in the demand of college professors. On an average, professors make about $70,000 a year with a projected increase over the next decade of 23%. However, this profession requires at least a graduate degree in a field of study.

Sales jobs: If you have the gift of the gab and can make your employer money by selling his brand, then you can be rest assured that your job is secure. It does come with a high stress level but the money is well worth it. And average salary of a sales supervisor is close to $130,000 a year.

Engineers: Civil and structural engineers will see a tremendous job growth in the next decade of over 24%. Due to poor enrollment in engineering programs across the country, there is most definitely a high demand for good engineers. Engineers easily make over $75,000 a year and for more senior associates the number is exponentially higher.
With companies continuing to cut funding and jobs, it is important to gear your career towards a more sustainable field. But in order to remain truly relevant, one must constantly be working towards keeping abreast of the newest technologies. Even a degree in the coolest field can't rescue you from ignorance of what is considered cutting-edge!

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