Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Use oDesk to Find Work

oDesk is a great site to use if you plan to pursue a career in freelance writing. It is a place where contractors and clients can come together to conduct work and process payments. I got my start on oDesk, and I have used it to find many of my best paying clients. It wasn't until recently though that I learned how to truly use it to my advantage. I you are going to try finding work through oDesk, you need to maximize your efforts on there. Here is a look at some of the many things you can do to gain clients through oDesk.

Create an Account

Before you can do much of anything, you are going to need to create an account. This doesn't take long to do, but you will be asked a lot of personal information along the way. That is because the money that you make on oDesk is going to have to be reported on your taxes at the end of the year. oDesk needs a lot of information, like your social security number, to make that happen. You just have to trust that this is a secure site and do what it takes to create an account.

Take Some Tests

Before you can actually apply for a job, you will need to take the oDesk Readiness Test. This is a simple test that just makes sure you know how to use oDesk correctly. If you don't pass the first time, you will have a chance to take it again. All of the answers are given to you on the test though, so you should have no trouble passing it the first time.

Once you get through that test, you will have a chance to take other tests as well. You should take a few tests related to writing so you can show employers your skills. This is something I actually need to do more of because I only took one or two tests when I started this three years ago. The spelling tests and vocabulary tests are fairly easy, but you can look for others that you may do well with. The more tests you take and pass, the more applications you will be able to fill out. Doing this will also enhance your chances of getting hired for work later on.

Complete Your Profile

Try to fill out as much of your profile as possible so employers will be able to find you easier. Upload some of your past work if you have any, and fill out your resume based on your experiences. If you have a degree from Ashworth University or a similar college, put that in your resume. Try to input your skills as much as possible as that will be a way for employers to come find you. The last several jobs I received on oDesk all came from employers who found me in the system. I didn't have to apply for anything. If you have a complete enough profile, you may have a similar experience in the future.

Apply for Jobs

When you have everything in place for work, you can actually go about finding jobs on oDesk. Go to the "Find Work" tab and see which options show up on your home page. If you want to look for more, select one of the categories on the left of the page. Then you can look over jobs that were recently posted and apply for ones you like. Look at the expected pay for the job so you don't bid on something that pays too low for you. You can narrow your options based on the kinds of work you want to do, and then you will have a small list of jobs to apply to. If you look around enough, you should have no issue finding work on this site.

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