Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Money as an Article Spinner

Article spinning is a unique sector of article marketing that takes regular articles and "spins" them so they can generate different versions of the same content time and time again. An article spinner is a person that can manipulate articles to produce these different versions in a natural-sounding way. This is not an easy task to do, but it is something that can lead to a decent paycheck if you know what you are doing. If you have a firm grasp on the English language and a desire to earn some extra cash, article spinning may be a great career opportunity for you. Here is a look at how the process works so you can determine if it is a good path for you.

The Basics of Article Spinning

Article spinning all happens through the use of spintax and article generators. A writer takes and article and converts it to spintax, and then his or her spintaxed article is put into a generator to produce hundreds or even thousands of articles for the web. Here is an example of spintax:

Original sentence – "Article spinning is great."
Spun sentence – "Article spinning is {great|awesome|terrific}."

The spun version could go into an article generator to produce "Article spinning is great," "Article spinning is awesome," and "Article spinning is terrific." The changes can grow exponentially based on the number of words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs you spin . Nevertheless, that gives you a brief idea of how the job works.

The Pay of Article Spinning

The amount of money that you can make as an article spinner will depend on what someone is willing to pay you. If you decide to work by the hour, you can probably expect to make $10 to $20 an hour, depending on how experienced you are. If you work in a fixed price situation, then it is really hard to say what you can make as a spinner. I usually figure out how many extra words I'm going to be adding to a piece, and then I charge 25% higher than my normal per word rate to accommodate for the time I spend actually spinning the article. You can try to figure out how much time it would take for you to spin an article to your client's specifications, and then you can determine how much your time is worth.

The Craziness of Article Spinning

Some clients expect their work to be more spun than others, so you have to expect to come across some complicated projects if you make this a career. Here is a short sample of an article I had to do for a client once, just to show you the complexity you could run into:

{On the other side of the {fragrance|aroma|scent} spectrum is the powerful aroma of vanilla.|Vanilla{, on the other hand,|} is {desired|wanted|preferred} for its {high potency|potency|strong smell}.|Vanilla is {quite|} the {opposite|contrast}, {desired|wanted|preferred} for its {high level of aroma|potency|powerful aroma}.} {Vanilla has a lot more {kick|power |strength} to it than lavender, and its {fragrance|aroma|scent} is more associated with cooking than serenity. |Vanilla is much {stronger|more powerful|more potent} than lavendar and far less calming.|Vanilla is the {powerful big {brother|sibling}|big {brother|sibling}|older {brother|sibling}} to lavender, much {stronger|more powerful|more potent} and demanding than the little purple flower.} {Vanilla candles are just as {desired|wanted|preferred} as lavender candles, but for {different|other|differing} reasons.|Vanilla candles are {desired|wanted|preferred} {just|} as much as lavender ones, but for different reasons.} {The {scent|oder|aroma|fragrance} of vanilla is {universally|widely|internationally} accepted and is used in lotions and perfumes as well.|Vanilla has not only been used in candles, but {its|it is|it's} also employed in {lotion and perfumes|perfumes and body wash|bath products and body spray} as well.} Vanilla candles though seem to {turn|come|show} up in every {household|home|house}, and {they have a timelessness about their {scent|oder|aroma|fragrance} that is pure {intoxication|utopia|perfection}.|they {are seemingly|seem to be|are almost} everlasting.|they are more {recognized|recognizable|accepted} than a lot of other candles.}

Is your head spinning yet? Yes that was a pun. Now you can laugh and contemplate if you are fit for this job. Sound like a plan? Good. See you later!

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